Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Sunday ride through the forest

I went for a nice long ride through the Allegheny National Forest today. I noticed a bike following me most of the way. It was a co-worker of mine on his clean FXR. We rode through Kinzua past the dam (which is the start of the Allegheny River, one of the two rivers that join in Pittsburgh to make the Ohio River) up Rt. 59 and ate at Docksiders, a restaurant located at a boat launch/ docking area on the lake. We ate some lunch (great burgers and cheesesteaks!)and enjoyed baking in the 80 degree sun. We split up from there and I headed to Rimrock to do a little hiking. From there I rode down through Shefield and got on the infamous Rt. 666. This road is well known for its switchbacks and many curves. Part of it has been newly paved. The rest is rather horrible still. At any rate, I had a blast hustling through the twisties. After all of this, it was time to head home and cook some steaks on the grill. Gotta love summer!

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